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Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.(hereinafter refers to as “Chambroad Petrochemicals” in brief) currently has more than 2500 employees, covering more than 4000 Chinese acres. It’s a subsidiary...

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.(hereinafter refers to as “Chambroad Petrochemicals” in brief) currently has more than 2500 employees, covering more than 4000 Chinese acres. It’s a subsidiary of Shandong Chambroad Holding Co., Ltd, which ranks at 266th among Chinese top 500 enterprises, 65th among Chinese top 500 private enterprises, 8th among Chinese top 500 chemical enterprises. The predecessor of Chambroad Petrochemicals is Boxing Lubricating Oil and Grease Plant, which is located in Boxing Economic Development Zone, Binzhou City, Shandong Province. Prepared in 1988, constructed in 1991, it was restructured as Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd in December, 2000 and was formally renamed Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. in 2004.

Chambroad Petrochemicals is a large-scale private enterprise with petrochemicals as main business,  integrating with petroleum refining and chemical engineering. Including three major sections of products, the company achieves the standard of National V production capacity three years ahead of the original plan and takes lead in launching the Clean Series Fuel. Chambroad Petrochemicals is the first local refining enterprise in Shandong Province to carry out the clean petrol standard, obtains the imported crude oil use qualification in 2015, and could use 3.31 million tons per year. In 2013, Chambroad Petrochemicals Electronic Mall is launched and it’s the first local refining enterprise in Shandong Province to establish the e-commerce platform. As the first set of domestic mixed alkane dehydrogenation device, 250,000 tons/year was built and put into production in 2014.

Chambroad Petrochemicals has perfect sales network and channels, its product sales covers 16 provinces, cities and regions in China including Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Hunan, Jiangxi and Liaoning. The company relies on the three-point and one-center R & D network in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and the head office and 11 technical innovation alliances established through cooperation with 19 universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, to actively accelerate the promotion and application of new varieties, new projects and new technologies and the extension of industry chain, and to provide technical innovation drive for social development and scientific progress.

Chambroad Petrochemicals has continuously passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 International Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification for many years. It’s a “Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China”, “Top 500 Chemical Engineering Enterprises in China”, “Shandong Province Provincial Governor Quality Nomination Award”, “Chambroad Brand Polypropylene Resin Powder ‘Shandong Famous Brand’ Product”, “Energy-Saving Emission Reduction Outstanding Contribution Enterprise”, “The Most Popular Top Ten Local Refineries”, “Shandong Province Outstanding E-Commerce Enterprises”, “Outstanding E-Commerce Application Enterprises”, “Member of China Bitumen Association”, “Scientific Progress Enterprise Award in 2014”, “Innovation Science Award of Bitumen Industry in 2015” and “Trustworthy Unit of Bitumen Industry in 2015”.

Chambroad Petrochemicals is always persisting in the corporate responsibility of “Serving the Country with Industry and Serving the Society” and the corporate mission of “Manufacturing Satisfying Products for Customers and Cultivating Useful Talents for Society”, is establishing itself in the most front end of industry development, is grasping the tremendous development opportunity brought by new urbanization as well as economy transition and upgrading, the company has established a modern industrial informationization system to boost the national green and low-carbon policies. Chambroad Petrochemicals is devoted to building a Trinitarian petrochemical value solution provider with market-centered and with safety, environmental protection and quality management as basis.

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